Website Management

website management

Once a new website is launched, the next thing that has to be considered is how to go about making updates and changes to the site. Many of our clients are happy to do this themselves as minor changes are very straightforward using WordPress, the Content Management System we build most of our sites on.

However, some of our clients prefer not to have to do this themeselves, so they have a Website Management arrangement in place with us, whereby we will make modifications to their websites on their behalf.

This work includes:

  • Changes to text
  • Adding/changing images
  • Integration of social media
  • Adding/removing pages
  • Adding files for download
  • Updating forms
  • Optimizing the website for higher search engine rankings
  • And much more…

For more information about our website management service, call us today on 0141 416 2881 or send us an email